Video: Why the Failure? First Episode of Our New Series About Process Challenges in AM
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The Cool Parts Show
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Video: Why the Failure? First Episode of Our New Series About Process Challenges in AM
Professor of additive manufacturing Tim Simpson joins me to talk about 3D printing fails and what they teach. Follow #AMWTF on LinkedIn, where we will debut each new failed build ahead of every episode.
Verisurf portable inspection solution
Inspection & Reverse Engineering Solution
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Regardless of manufacturing process - 3D printing, CNC machining, Diecasting, Injection Molding - Verisurf software supports the design build process and verifies the finished part.
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Fiber-Reinforced 3D Printing Expands Control, Applications for Composites
Fiber-Reinforced 3D Printing Expands Control, Applications for Composites
9T Labs’ deposition process places continuous carbon fiber only where necessary to save material, reduce waste, and more precisely control the structure of preform composites.
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3d printed injection mold
The Link Between 3D Printing, Surface Finish and Mold Tools
Surface finish for 3D printed mold tooling has a direct effect on the pull-out force needed to remove the final part. Why molders should consider tool roughness along with geometry and materials. 
Technology Review
Inkbit Vista 3D Printing System Offers Vision-Controlled Jetting Solution
Developed at MIT, this highly automated 3D printing system features closed-loop feedback control, multimaterial printing capabilities and low cost-per-part for final part production. READ
Technology Review
EOS Introduces NickelAlloy IN939 for Turbine, Energy Applications
Material offers great tensile properties, validation, reliability and crack resistance, which opens industrial 3D printing options for turbines and other energy industry applications. READ
AMEXCI, SLM Solutions Strengthen Collaboration on AM Case Studies
AMEXCI invests in the SLM500, a selective laser melting machine, for case studies to further accelerate the industrialization of metal-based additive manufacturing (AM). READ
BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel Qualified for MakerBot Method 3D Printers
Users can explore printing rigid 316L stainless steel parts for industrial applications alongside advanced engineering polymers and composites on Method with the MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder. READ
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