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Automotive Cybersecurity by the Numbers

Automotive Cybersecurity by the Numbers

Cyber attacks are increasing throughout the auto industry—at factories, dealerships, fleets, customer databases and in vehicles themselves.

And the problem likely will get worse in coming years as hackers become more savvy and the number of potential entry points rockets.

That’s the sobering news from Upstream Security’s 2021 Automotive Cybersecurity Report.

Big Picture 

Here are some top-line numbers from the report, which crunched information from the media, company databases and other public sources.

207 auto-related cyber incidents worldwide have been reported in 2020 (up from 197 last year and 633 since 2010), including 106 vehicle events.

55% of the attacks this year were carried out by “black-hat” hackers with malicious or ...READ MORE

LMC Automotive
VW Board Backs CEO's Reform Agenda

The skirmishing over the direction and pace of Volkswagen Group’s reforms has eased.

CEO Herbert Diess mostly prevailed on Dec. 14 in his demand for the full support of the company’s supervisory board in his “Together 2025+” crusade to ready the group for a future full of electric, connected cars.


Diess spent the past two weeks giving the board an ultimatum: Either back me up or show me the door.

The board opted for option 1. Without Diess, it declares, VW “would not have been so consistent and successful.” The board praises him for pushing technological change, meeting climate goals and bolstering the company’s financial results.

The board unanimously resolved to fully support Diess’ strategy, “in particular the ...READ MORE

Mayflower Consulting
Can a CVT Boost EV Performance?

Bosch is developing a continuously variable transmission (CVT) system specifically for electric vehicles, which typically use single-speed units.

How It Works

The aptly named CVT4EV is teamed with an inverter, electric motor and a final drive ratio tuned to the vehicle application.

Using machine learning, the system takes into account vehicle speed, energy consumption and heat production to optimize the drive ratios of the CVT so the motor can operate at its most efficient point, according to the supplier.

What’s the Advantage?

By controlling the speed and torque of the electric motor, Bosch says the system is able to provide:

  • Faster acceleration
  • Higher top speeds
  • Greater wheel torque for towing and off-road driving

There also are fewer torque and rpm restrictions. ...READ MORE

UAW Agrees to Oversight in Corruption Settlement

The United Auto Workers union will accept six years of oversight by an outside monitor to end a lengthy Justice Dept. probe into wrongdoing by union officials.

The deal ends a criminal investigation into the UAW itself. But federal prosecutors continue to probe likely charges of bribery, embezzlement and/or fraud against other individual union members.

Voting Reform

The agreement also calls for the 400,000-member union to conduct a binding referendum about changing the union’s constitution to enable members for the first time to vote directly for the union’s president and members of its international executive board. Any such changes would take effect with the UAW’s 2022 election cycle.

Today’s settlement, which awaits approval by a federal district court ...READ MORE

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