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3D printing department at Incodema3D
Incodema3D Reaches the Tipping Point for Production Additive Manufacturing
The New York manufacturer is launching into its first continuous flow production job for metal AM. Owner and CEO Sean Whittaker shares what it took to arrive here.
Essentium 3D printer with door open
Polymer AM
Linear Motor Platform Delivers Speed, Low Part Cost for Production AM
Essentium’s additive manufacturing machine based on semiconductor manufacturing has as much in common with precision machine tools as with other FFF 3D printers.
Sandvik CoroMill 390 milling cutter made using additive manufacturing
Metal AM
Lightweight Sandvik Cutting Tool Employing Topology Optimization Now Available
Additive manufacturing aids "subtractive" CNC machining. We first saw this tool in an early version last year. See the video in this post.
  3D printer for Evolve’s Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP).
AM Technology
Webinar: 5 Attributes to Consider for AM Production
Evolve will look at five keys areas required by organizations for additive to sit on the manufacturing floor right next to their injection molding production lines – materials, speed, quality, scalability and cost. They will also provide a peek under the hood of Evolve Additive’s new STEP technology.
HP 3D-printed parts
Need Parts?
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Whether you need one or one million 3D-printed parts, we'll point you in the right direction.
Find a supplier.
Technology Review
NXT Factory Unveils Quantum Laser Sintering System
NXT Factory has unveiled the final version of the QLS 350, a powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) quantum laser sintering system designed for low and medium volume production for the injection molding industry. READ
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Evonik, Evolve Additive Solutions Partner to Broaden STEP Material Range
Evonik Corporation and Evolve Additive Solutions have partnered to formulate thermoplastic materials for use in selective thermoplastic electrophotographic process (STEP) additive manufacturing solutions. READ
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Technology Review
HP's Multi Jet Fusion 5200 Series Enables Production
HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 5200 series combines systems, data intelligence, software, services and materials innovations, enabling customers to scale 3D production and target business growth. READ
Six Companies Aim to Revolutionize UK's Tool and Die Sector
The University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) has joined forces with six other companies to revolutionize the UK’s tool and die sector. READ
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