How Tilt Hydrometer Fights Supply Chain Disruption with 3D Printing
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Tilt Hydrometers with 3D printed brackets
How Tilt Hydrometer Fights Supply Chain Disruption with 3D Printing
The maker of a digital hydrometer for beer brewing keeps its supply chain and product flexible through selective laser sintering of a critical component.
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Finally a Polypropylene You Can 3D Print
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"Poly-warp-ylene" no more. A new portfolio of polypropylene products has finally solved the problem of excessive warpage in 3D printing applications.
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drawing of a car
3D Printed Battery Electrodes Could Drive Electric Vehicles Forward
Precise control of battery electrode architecture through photopolymerization opens the door to new cell geometries and lighter battery packs for EVs and more, Photocentric says.
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How 3D Printing Answers Supply Chain Disruptions
How 3D Printing Answers Supply Chain Disruptions
Essentium CEO: Production-speed additive manufacturing is "a time machine and an insurance policy." It addresses lead time demands while providing buffer against volatility. Look for 3D printing to support injection molding in this way.
Technology Review
Siemens Automation Supports CEAD, Belotti Large-Format Hybrid Machine
The machines will be equipped with Siemens Sinumerik CNC for precise printing and milling. READ
Velo3D System Chosen for Aftermarket Gas Turbine Parts Production
Additive manufacturing will help keep aging engines operational with greater flexibility and shorter delivery times than traditional MRO supply chains. READ
Experimental Fusion Reactor To Use Rosswag AM Cooling Heads
Rosswag Engineering has produced 3D-printed cooling heads for a plasma-exposed environment in the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor. READ
Technology Review
Collaboration Results in 3D Postprocessing Productivity Boost
Additive Manufacturing Technologies teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric to develop an integrated automation solution for its PostPro 3D chemical vapor smoothing machine. READ
Purdue University to Establish Thermwood LSAM Research Laboratory
Collaborative efforts like this can bring together diverse organizations that specialize in different aspects of an emerging technology and often produce results that none of the participants could possibly achieve on their own. READ
From Prototype to Production: Why SLA is the Best Choice for Your Business in 2021
May 25, 2:00 PM
SLA 3D printing has evolved over the years to augment traditional manufacturing methods and support an increasing number of robust traditional applications. REGISTER
Why Hydrogen is Crucial for Post-Printing Sintering for Metal AM Parts
June 01, 11:00 AM
Binder jet metal additive manufacturing is growing quickly because of its unique capability to produce meaningful volumes of highly-customized parts quickly and efficiently. REGISTER
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