Rapidia Metal 3D Printing with Water Based Paste
Presented By: Rapidia Inc.
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Metal 3D-printed injector head for a liquid oxygen/kerosine engine
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Design for Additive
Additive Technology Delivers Small Satellites to Space
Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed a reusable rocket engine specifically for the launch of small satellites. The complex injector heads are 3D printed which unlocks additional performance, reduces the parts count, speeds up production time, and reduces weight and costs.
Augmented Reality discussed at MT360 manufacturing event
Advanced Manufacturing Event Explores Augmented Reality
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Transformative technologies will be on display at MT360 in Santa Clara, California, including augmented reality – the digital tool for manual work.
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Ellen Lee, Ph.D., Additive Manufacturing Technical Leader, Ford Motor Company; Paul Dilaura, Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Carbon
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Polymer AM
Ford in Production with On-Demand AM Polymer Parts
Ford and Carbon presented the first digitally manufactured polymer parts in production for the Ford Motor Company, created with Carbon’s digital light synthesis technology.
Marine using hybrid additive manufacturing
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Hybrid Manufacturing
Metal 3D Printing in a Machine Shop? Ask the Marines
A hybrid system combining metal 3D printing with machining gives the Marine Corps perhaps its most effective resource yet for obtaining needed hardware in the field. It also offers an extreme version of the experience a machine shop might have in adding metal AM to its capabilities.
Leverage The Future of Manufacturing Technology
Bridging Manufacturing and Silicon Valley Technology
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Transformative technologies are changing how we design and manufacture the products of the future, and at MT360, this transformation IS ALL AROUND YOU.
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Technology Review
Optomec LENS Metal AM Systems Offer Minimal Footprint
Optomec has announced its LENS CS 600 and 800 Controlled Atmosphere DED systems for next-generation metal additive manufacturing. READ
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Advanced Manufacturing Augmented
AM Event Explores Augmented Reality
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Many manufacturers struggle to implement on-the-job training, as they draw skilled workers away from their tasks. It’s a cost that some owners aren't willing to incur, but what if they didn’t have to?
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Technology Review
NSL Material Testing Services Improve Print Outcomes
Rapid 2019: NSL Analytical Services offers characterization and materials testing services to confirm the quality of the materials used to print products and ensure successful outcomes. READ
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Technology Review
Cideas Offers 3D Printing on Dual-Laser Systems
Rapid 2019: Cideas now provides EOS P770 series printers which have dual lasers and large build areas. READ
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