Why I Am Bullish on Additive: 3 Factors Favoring 3D Printing’s Continued Advance
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Why I Am Bullish on Additive: 3 Factors Favoring 3D Printing’s Continued Advance
The shortcomings are being overcome and the advantage is nothing less than freedom. Only the pace of the advance is uncertain.
Verisurf portable inspection solution
Inspection & Reverse Engineering Solution
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Regardless of manufacturing process - 3D printing, CNC machining, Diecasting, Injection Molding - Verisurf software supports the design build process and verifies the finished part.
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Autodesk Accelerate 2021
Join us for Accelerate 2021
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Join industry experts for an exclusive online event aiming to optimize collaboration, automation, and decision making through digitization in the design and manufacturing industry.
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Metal Powder
Metal Powder When You Need It
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Rapid manufacturing isn’t so fast when you’re waiting for material. A new supplier, KBM Advanced Materials, carries ready-to-ship metal powders from major producers.
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Solving MRO Challenges with Bound Metal Deposition
Solving MRO Challenges with Bound Metal Deposition
Three case studies reveal how Desktop Metal’s second-generation Studio System bound metal deposition printer eliminates common safety hazards of metal AM, enhancing the technique’s value for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications.
10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do
10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do
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It’s time to break bad habits that are hurting your business. Download the whitepaper to reveal the 10 Things Great Manufacturers Won’t Do and learn from the best how to get rid of bad habits forever.
X-ray Inspection of Additive Manufactured Parts
Benefit of using X-ray inspection with AM parts
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X-ray has been used to detect the internal defects, pores and foreign objects in samples. With 3D CT, the detectable levels of variation improve; we now see the partially fused regions in AM parts.
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Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo
3D Printing for Production
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Join the Additive Manufacturing team and the top names in production 3D printing to discuss what’s next for additive technology.
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SUR/FIN 2021
Save the NEW Date!
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NASF's SUR/FIN has moved to November! SUR/FIN is sure to be the finishing event to bring everyone back together!
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3d printed thumb implant on X-ray
3D Printing Brings Custom, Affordable Bone Prostheses to Thai Patients
Meticuly was founded to provide custom bone implants for local patients in Thailand and regional countries who otherwise would be dependent on standard, imported devices. The concept could be a model for medical treatment in other emerging economies.
Desktop Metal Qualifies 316l Stainless Steel for High-Volume Manufacturing
With 316L, businesses can produce cost-effective, end-use metal parts for extreme temperature, highly corrosive applications on the world’s fastest metal 3d printing platform, the company says. READ
Additive Manufacturing
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GE Aviation Switches Four Existing Cast Parts to Metal 3D Printing
GE engineers say additive manufacturing can compete with casting as its improved productivity lowers cost and slashes development time. READ
Technology Review
Titan Launches Hybrid Pellet Extrusion System
Titan’s hybrid Atlas-HS features 3D printing and machining capabilities on a single platform, enabling additive manufacturing in industrial production. READ
DyeMansion, Stratasys Collaborate on Complete Additive Manufacturing Architecture
Using Stratasys’ H350 3D printer, the companies created a comprehensive reference architecture for production-scale end-use parts. READ
Managing Global Additive Manufacturing Strategies with Fusion 360 and Ultimaker
June 29, 2:00 PM
Autodesk and Ultimaker have partnered to deliver a connected experience to manage your digital libraries and 3D printers. REGISTER
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