Zeiss From Powder to Performance
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3D-printed brackets
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Design for Additive
Video: Additive Manufacturing Will Change How We Design
Geometric freedom is just the start. AM will also change how design happens.
HP technology
Need Parts?
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Our technology can produce complex parts virtually on-demand, reducing lead teams from weeks or days to just hours.
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Aerospace Innovative Technology Summit in Alabama
Airbus, GKN, Boeing, NASA, Bombardier and More at AITS Alabama
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The first edition of the Aerospace Innovative Technology Summit (AITS) in Birmingham, AL will focus on workforce development as well as advanced manufacturing and innovative technologies such as 3D printing, robotics and automation.
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Figure 1. Tool as printed using Thermocomp AM EZ006EXAR1 compound.
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Large-Format Additive Manufacturing: Viable for Autoclave Tooling?
SABIC and the University of Dayton Research Institute explore the potential of using large-format additive manufacturing (LFAM) technology for creating autoclave tooling used in manufacturing aerospace composite parts.
Peter Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing Media
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Job Shop
Video: In Conventional Manufacturing, 3D Printing Is a Solution for Tooling
Tooling for conventional operations doesn't have to made conventionally. Rather than being made through machining, these welding fixtures are now made via 3D printing.
Peter Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing Media, and Timothy Weber, HP
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Manufacturing to Meet Tech Community at MT360
I will hold onstage conversations with additive manufacturing and collaborative automation leaders as part of the new technology event to premier June 18-20 in Santa Clara, California.
Blades made by metal additive manufacturing for acetabular cup cutters for hip and knee replacement surgeries
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Metal AM
Leveraging Additive Manufacturing to Improve Joint Replacement Surgery
A German medical device company has turned to metal additive manufacturing to manufacture its acetabular cup cutter for hip and knee replacement surgeries. The cutter’s 3D-printed blades are more reliable and cost-effective, and have improved the surgical experience for both patient and physician.
Technology Review
3Degrees Launches Trace to Address Evolving Requirements in Quality Management
3Degrees has announced the development of Trace, a software tool designed to track, warehouse and validate information about 3D-printed parts. The tool is said to be easily customized to fit specific standards for traceability and quality management in an organization as well as throughout a supplier base. READ
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Bridging Manufacturing & Silicon Valley Technology
Bridging Manufacturing & Silicon Valley Technology
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MT360 is the intersection of manufacturing and technology. Manufacturing and technology alone are not enough. It’s the interconnection of manufacturing and technology that creates something greater.
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Technology Review
Sentry Air Systems Releases 3D Print Fume Extractor
Sentry Air Systems’ Model 300 Python fume extractor for additive manufacturing (AM) was developed to eliminate ultra-fine particles and chemical fumes emitted into the air during the 3D printing process. READ
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Advanced Manufacturing Augmented
AM Event Explores Augmented Reality
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Many manufacturers struggle to implement on-the-job training, as they draw skilled workers away from their tasks. It’s a cost that some owners aren't willing to incur, but what if they didn’t have to?
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Technology Review
Addere Offers Laser Wire 3D Printing Services
Addere is now using its laser wire system to offer 3D printing services in addition to developing and selling its additive manufacturing machines. READ
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NASA Funds Auburn University for AM Aerospace Growth
The research and development covered under a contract between Auburn University’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center will focus on evolving light-weight, large-scale additive manufacturing techniques for regeneratively cooled thrust chamber assemblies. READ
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