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VW Aims to Surpass Tesla in EV Output by 2023

VW Aims to Surpass Tesla in EV Output by 2023

Volkswagen expects to surpass Tesla in terms of electric vehicle production within three years.

That would mean VW’s annual EV output would reach 900,000-1.5 million vehicles, Bernd Osterloh, who heads VW Group’s works council, tells Sunday’s edition of Welt.

Playing Catch-Up

Osterloh, who also sits on VW’s board, concedes that VW currently lags Tesla in output and software knowhow. But he says the German carmaker aims to soon overcome both deficits.

He brags that VW’s MEB electric-car chassis can carry virtually any body style produced by any of the carmaker’s brands, a huge advantage in scaling up EV production.

In terms of computing power, Osterloh points to Project Artemis, a 200-member engineering team being set up by new Audi CEO Markus ...READ MORE

Mahle, Inc.
Nissan Touts Faster CFRP Process

Carbon fiber is at the extreme end of the materials spectrum, offering high rewards at a steep price.

The material can cut a part’s mass in half compared with a traditional steel unit. On the downside (and this is a biggie), it can be 10 times as expensive.

That’s not a winning tradeoff for mass-produced vehicles.

But a new Nissan process aims to make a better business case for the pricey lightweight material.

Speedy Simulations and Mold Times

The carmaker is developing a faster way to design and produce parts made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP). This in turn could help lower costs to make mainstream applications viable.

By using more advanced computer modeling techniques and in-die temperature sensors, Nissan says it’s able to cut development ...READ MORE

U.S. Car Sales Continue to Recover

New-car deliveries in the U.S. climbed in August to 1.3 million units, this year’s second-largest monthly volume to date.

That’s the good news from LMC Automotive. The market analysis firm predicts continued month-by-month gains through the rest of 2020, starting with sales of 1.7 million units in September.


“The U.S. market has surprised on the upside,” says Jeff Schuster, head of global vehicle forecasts.

LMC now expects full-year U.S. sales in 2020 will reach 13.9 million units. That’s 1 million more than the company predicted in April during the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, the revised forecast is 18% below the 17.1 million vehicles sold in 2019. August sales trailed the same month last year by 19%. And the September forecast is ...READ MORE

European EV/Plug-in Hybrid Share Triples in Q2

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the European Union’s auto industry. Year-over-year sales were off 49% in the region during the second quarter and continued to fall, albeit at a lesser rate, in July and August.

But it wasn’t all bad news. In fact, deliveries of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are up considerably from 2019 levels.

Electrified Models Charge Ahead

During the second quarter, registrations of electrically chargeable vehicles jumped 53% from the previous year, according to the industry trade group ACEA. As a result, the combined market share of such vehicles tripled to 7.2% of the market for the period.

The bulk of the gain came from PHEVs, which saw a 134% hike to more than 66,000 units in April-June. Deliveries of full EVs were up nearly 13% to ...READ MORE

VW to Revive Takeover Bid for Navistar

Volkswagen Group’s Traton heavy-truck unit is ready to renew efforts to buy Navistar International for roughly $2.9 billion.

Acquisition talks were suspended earlier this year as the COVID-19 pandemic spread. But Navistar Chairman Troy Clarke said in June that Traton’s offer was still “on the table.”

U.S. Foothold

VW created Traton by combining its own commercial truck operations with its acquisitions of Germany’s MAN and Sweden’s Scania. The affiliate went public last summer.

Sources confirm to Bloomberg News that Traton is preparing to resume talks. The company considers Navistar and its dealer network an attractive way to establish an ability to compete with Daimler and Volvo Trucks in the American market.

VW acquired 16.7% of Navistar in 2016 ...READ MORE

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