Lightweight Combustion Chamber for 3D Printed Rocket Engine: The Cool Parts Show #30
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The Cool Parts Show
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Lightweight Combustion Chamber for 3D Printed Rocket Engine: The Cool Parts Show #30
An engine for repeated trips to the moon is 3D printed in just three pieces from a metal matrix composite combining aluminum for weight saving with ceramic for high-temperature performance.
Eliminate Pre-production Formatting –
Eliminate Pre-production Formatting – "Production Simplified"
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Proven solutions for Aerospace applications—executed within the tightest tolerances. Unique capability in additive manufacturing, pre oriented laminated materials, precision slitting, CAD ply cutting, MLI, and bias-ply/custom-ply shapes.
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Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo
3D Printing for Production
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Join the Additive Manufacturing team and the top names in production 3D printing to discuss what’s next for additive technology.
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Plotting a Pathway to Profitable AM
Plotting a Pathway to Profitable AM
The cost per pound for a metal AM part may shock you, but that knowledge is essential to help you plan your journey to success with Additive Manufacturing.
Cool Parts Show
Season 4 Has Started!
From outer space to inside the human body, The Cool Parts Show season 4 is exploring everywhere that 3D printing is improving production.
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Additive Manufacturing
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3D Printed Snakes Reveal Unseen Desert Wildlife (Includes Video)
At the University of Texas El Paso, a biology researcher teams up with a manufacturing technology instructor to produce rattlesnake models realistic enough to draw predators.
Farsoon's 403P System Lowers Mann+Hummel's Prototyping Costs
Farsoon's 403P System Lowers Mann+Hummel's Prototyping Costs
Farsoon’s 403P AM system enabled Mann+Hummel to solve cycle and cost challenges stemming from recent evolutions in the Chinese automobile industry.
Gardner Business Media Unveils New Trade Show for Plastics Market
Gardner Business Media Unveils New Trade Show for Plastics Market
The Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO) to launch in greater Chicago in March 2022, filling a void with an event in a vital market for plastics.
Technology Review
Photopolymer Printers, Open Access Software Enable New Applications
The company’s printer versions are tailored for specific-use cases, giving users the power to develop new advanced materials. READ
ExOne Acquires Freshmade 3D Assets
ExOne believes Freshmade 3D’s patented approach offers additional unique benefits and can help accelerate adoption of 3D printed sand tooling solutions. READ
Technology Review
Kennametal Develops First Stellite Powder for 3D Printing
Stellite 21 AM powder enables customers to achieve similar wear and corrosion resistance properties in additively manufactured parts. READ
Safran, SLM Solutions Test Technology for Large Airplane Component
In a joint project, Safran Landing Systems and SLM Solutions tested selective laser melting to produce a component of a nose landing gear for a bizjet, marking a world first for a part of this size. READ
From Prototype to Production: Why SLA is the Best Choice for Your Business in 2021
May 25, 2:00 PM
SLA 3D printing has evolved over the years to augment traditional manufacturing methods and support an increasing number of robust traditional applications. REGISTER
Why Hydrogen is Crucial for Post-Printing Sintering for Metal AM Parts
June 01, 11:00 AM
Binder jet metal additive manufacturing is growing quickly because of its unique capability to produce meaningful volumes of highly-customized parts quickly and efficiently. REGISTER
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