Robot swarms may sound alarming, but research at the University of Arkansas reveals that they may enable a new, ultra-efficient era of automated manufacturing and 3D printing.
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AMBots 3d-printing robots
AM Technology
Robots, Assemble! A New Path to Autonomous Mobile 3D Printing
Robot swarms may sound alarming, but research at the University of Arkansas reveals that they may enable a new, ultra-efficient era of automated manufacturing and 3D printing.
HP Reinventing 3D Printing
Reinventing 3D Printing
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Unleash new growth and scale production with HP's most advanced plastics 3D printing solution.
Save the date for MTForecast 2019!
Save the date for MTForecast 2019!
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MTForecast provides a blueprint for the future of manufacturing. Receive insight into trends that will affect your business and learn how to capitalize on opportunities in a changing market.
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powder bed metal additive manufacturing for production
Finally, a Metal Additive Manufacturing System That’s Built for Production
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For metal additive manufacturing to become a viable alternative in a production environment, it must have the process controls expected of other manufacturing processes. That technology has finally arrived.
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Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Formalloy
Metal AM
Additive Manufacturing Conference Speaker: Formalloy
At the Additive Manufacturing Conference, taking place August 27-29 in Austin, Texas, Melanie Lang of Formalloy will discuss metal part quality, replication and monitoring technology, as the adoption of metal AM continues to expand.
robot-based additive manufacturing system at Addere
Metal AM
The Promise of Robotic Metal Additive Manufacturing
Addere’s robot-based laser system builds using standard weld wire. The company was spawned from a robot integrator, and that background has been valuable for both overcoming the challenges and perceiving the possibilities of using a robot for metal 3D printing.
Peter Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing Media
Polymer AM
Video: Survey of AM Users Finds Machine Shops Employing 3D Printing for Plastic Part Production
Additive manufacturing provides an option for low-quantity production in polymer. One implication is that machine shops are liable to be less strictly metalworking businesses.
Ramon Pastor and Christoph Schell cutting ribbon in front of new HP Center of Excellence
Why HP Believes in 3D Printing
The reasons go beyond the world of manufacturing. Ramon Pastor, global head of plastics solutions for 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, shares the four macrotrends at the foundation of HP’s 3D printing business.
heineken bottles on assembly line with 3D-printed sensor adapation
Why Heineken Sees Breweries in More Countries As a Likely Benefit of 3D Printing
This video describes various ways 3D printing streamlines and supports beverage production.
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At D19, you’ll learn new sales and marketing techniques to drive your business forward, explore how emerging technology will impact distribution, and connect with your peers across the industry.
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Sintavia Acquires QC Laboratories
The acquisition is said to enhance Sintavia’s nondestructive testing (NDT) capabilities for commercial aerospace applications, particularly with respect to surface finish conformance testing. READ
Webinar: Manufacturing Context and Technology Physics
Register now for our webinar on July 30 to understand the process capabilities of 3D printing while learning about the possibility of meeting ISO 289 standards. READ
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