Growth continues in suppliers, part size, production volume and markets.
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3D printing with continuous fiber: A landscape
3D printing with continuous fiber process classification
Growth continues in suppliers, part size, production volume and markets. READ
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Braided preforms meet phase-change tooling Braided preforms meet phase-change tooling
A program from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory adopts automated braiding and phase-change tooling for a complex geometry unmanned aircraft part. READ
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Mandrel solutions for trapped & complex geometry composites Mandrel solutions for trapped & complex geometry composites
Smart Tooling explains how its shape memory polymer material can be used as a rigid layup mandrel, go through a cure process, elevated to elastic temperature, removed and reformed for re-use. READ
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Firefly aerospace alpha composite rocket Stage 1 The Alpha launch vehicle: Designing performance in, cost out
Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha 2.0 launch vehicle, designed to deliver satellites into low Earth orbit, gets a composites makeover in pursuit of larger payload capacity and more cost-effective performance. READ
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Episode 34: Carmelo Lo Faro, Solvay Composite Materials Episode 34: Carmelo Lo Faro, Solvay Composite Materials
Carmelo Lo Faro, president of Solvay Composite Materials, talks about how he sees aerocomposites evolving in the time of COVID-19, the rise of computational power to evolve composites use, the prospects for increased composites use in the automotive market, and the increasing importance of education in the composites industry. READ
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Bridging the gap between CFRP and CMC
Novel composites offer performance up to 1000°C with faster processing. READ
Carbon fiber in pressure vessels for hydrogen
The emerging H2 economy drives tank development for aircraft, ships and gas transport. READ
Next-generation automation for high-performance composites fabrication
Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement technology uses robot-based systems to automate material layup for complex composite parts and structures, saving 20-60% in production time and costs. READ
Composite aerostructures in the emerging urban air mobility market
In the not too distant future, point-to-point, limited-distance, piloted and autonomous air travel for people and cargo will be the norm. Composites will make it possible. READ
Applying CT scan data analysis and visualization to composites
Imaging and analysis via computed tomography (CT) has potential for certifiable safety and business sustainability and could be key for interior inspections of composite parts. Part 1 of a two-part series. READ
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