26 Steps Vs. 9: The Metal AM Case for Mission Critical Parts
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26 Steps Vs. 9: The Metal AM Case for Mission Critical Parts
26 Steps Vs. 9: The Metal AM Case for Mission Critical Parts
Knust Godwin introduced metal AM into its precision-machining environment nearly eight years ago. Now the company is using the capability to break through into new applications and give 3D printed mission-critical parts a renewed business case.
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scientific webinars
Tech Talk Webinars: Scientific Tests, Demos & More
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NSL Analytical’s popular webinar series features scientific advancements and demonstrations of AM testing including Avalanche Rheometry, Surface Area, Density, Particle Size and SEM Analysis.
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IMTS spark Live Demo: Letting 3D Toolpaths Do the Work for You in Fusion 360
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3D printed radiator cover
Look Again: This 3D Printed Part Isn't Plastic
This radiator cover is comparable in strength to an injection molded part, and was made at lower cost than 3D printed polymer.
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AMT keeps our members informed. Whether you need to grow your business or navigate shifts in the market, we provide the latest news on economics, transformative tech, workforce, and legislation.
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renishaw powder bed fusion
A Technical Economic Perspective on Multi-Laser Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printers
When it comes to laser-based powder bed fusion, more lasers do not always lead to greater productivity. Considerations for multi-laser 3D printing.
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The Gardner Editors' Great Big 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
The Gardner Editors' Great Big 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
Our hand-picked holiday gift guide for the Additive Manufacturers, Metalworkers, Machinists, Mold Makers, Processors, Welders, Finishers, Engineers and Makers in your life.
Ceramic Manufacturing Module Successfully Operates in Orbit
Made In Space, a subsidiary of Redwire, demonstrates first successful ceramic additive manufacturing in space. READ
Technology Review
3D Automatic Unpacking System Enables Continuous Workflow
HP and AM Solutions collaborate on the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Automatic Unpacking Station, which offers consistent, repeatable unpacking and a high powder reclaim rate. READ
Technology Review
Desktop Metal’s Live Sinter Software Eliminates Trial and Error
Sintering process simulation software corrects for shrinkage and distortion of binder jet 3D printed parts during sintering to minimize trial and error. READ
Oqton FactoryOS Integrates EOS Software for Seamless Workflows
Deep software integration enables a tight connection of manufacturing software and hardware that supports efficient, end-to-end production workflows on EOS systems.   READ
Improve COVID-19 Safety in Your Building with Flow Simulation
December 17, 2:00 PM
These building design and flow simulation tools are now being used to help companies evaluate workspace modifications to determine how to safely provide their employees and customers with a safe environment. REGISTER
On-Demand: Virtual Tour of Autodesk's Technology Center in Birmingham, UK
December 19, 5:00 PM
The tour will showcase exciting customer stories utilizing emerging technologies including generative design, additive and hybrid manufacturing, industrial robots, and more. REGISTER
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