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FCA-PSA Merger Gets European Union Approval

FCA-PSA Merger Gets European Union Approval

It looks like smooth sailing ahead for the plan to merge PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles into a $47 billion goliath called Stellantis by March.

The year-old deal had been preoccupied since July about antitrust worries that combining the small-van operations of the two carmakers would stifle competition. The merged companies will control one-third of Europe’s light commercial van market, more than twice the share of any other rival.

More Toyotas

PSA resolved the issue by agreeing to increase its contract assembly volumes of Toyota small and large vans—including an all-electric model—at plants in France and Spain. PSA also will lower the transfer prices for Toyota-branded vans and their repair parts.

FCA and PSA have further pledged to allow their repair networks ...READ MORE

Mayflower Consulting
Veoneer Exec Tapped to Head AV Computing Consortium

Giuseppe Rosso, vice president of engineering for Veoneer’s advanced assisted driving systems operations, has been appointed chairman of the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC).

The Group

Formed in October 2019, AVCC aims to develop common software platforms and other open standards for autonomous vehicle systems. Members include General Motors, Mazda and Toyota as well as Veoneer and 14 other suppliers and tech companies.

Navigating Complexities

"The path to delivering from ADAS to autonomous systems is more and more complex, and it will continue to grow,” Rosso notes.

“AVCC is an important step forward as we jointly address the technological complexities, needs of standardization and obstacles that need to be overcome for the deployment of these ...READ MORE

LMC Automotive
Report: Apple Plans Robo-EV Debut by 2024

Apple’s secretive Project Titan reportedly aims to launch an electric car with advanced self-driving capabilities as little as four years from now.

Multiple sources tell Reuters that Apple is likely to turn over the car’s production to a contract manufacturer. The report says Apple envisions a car intended for the general public, not a robotic vehicle designed as a shuttle for use by ride-hailing services.

Shifting Focus

Reuters’ report comes just weeks after Apple named John Giannandrea, its artificial intelligence chief, as the new head of Project Titan. The move triggered new speculation that Apple was focusing on control software, not an entire vehicle.

Such has been the sketchy nature of “news” about Apple’s plans since Project Titan came to ...READ MORE

Another Application for Geo-Fenced AVs: Factory Logistics

There are a lot of new players—and partners—developing niche applications for autonomous driving systems.

This includes a pair of European startups—Finland-based Unikie and Germany’s Promotives—that are teaming up on everything from valet parking to industrial logistics.

Business Case

“The automation of logistically motivated driving on business grounds is a key market for us,” says Joachim Hauser, one of Promotives’ co-founders and former head of BMW’s Park Now unit.

“Businesses, such as OEM plants, car-logistics companies, rental car companies and big fleets are able to reduce costs and increase efficiency by having cars driven automatically on their business grounds.”


In parking garages, customers ...READ MORE

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