Support Structures and Build Layout Lead to Series of Fails — AM: Why the Failure? #4
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Support Structures and Build Layout Lead to Series of Fails — AM: Why the Failure? #4
A 3D printed piston crown illustrates the iterative path to success often part of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.
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Eliminate Pre-production Formatting –
Eliminate Pre-production Formatting – "Production Simplified"
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Proven solutions for Aerospace applications—executed within the tightest tolerances. Unique capability in additive manufacturing, pre oriented laminated materials, precision slitting, CAD ply cutting, MLI, and bias-ply/custom-ply shapes.
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Finally a Polypropylene You Can 3D Print
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"Poly-warp-ylene" no more. A new portfolio of polypropylene products has finally solved the problem of excessive warpage in 3D printing applications.
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Scott Vaal, Thermwood’s LSAM product manager, offers an overview of key aspects of the large scale additive manufacturing market.
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3D Printing for Production
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Join the Additive Manufacturing team and the top names in production 3D printing to discuss what’s next for additive technology.
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car interior seat
3D Printed Tooling Supports Prototype Foam Seating
Automotive manufacturers and other OEMs require mold tooling to build foam components like seat cushions. 3D printed tools could be a faster, more affordable way to prototype and produce these parts.
Sand 3D Printing Benefits Lightweighting and EV Production
Sand 3D Printing Benefits Lightweighting and EV Production
Brooks Crownhill Limited has used Voxeljet’s sand 3D printers to rapidly prototype automobile part molds, with the increased design flexibility enabling lightweighting while strengthening individual components.
Technology Review
Massivit 5000 Expedites Large-Scale 3D Printing
The Massivit 5000 is designed to dramatically expedite large-scale manufacturing, prototyping and tooling for the automotive, marine and rail industries. READ
Wagner Machine Co. Creates Challenging Assembly Replacement with Velo3D Printer
Real-time monitoring of entire 3D printing process ensures mission-ready quality of high-value parts for aerospace and defense customers READ
Cummins Finalizes First Metal 3D Printed Production Part
Company is using high-precision binder jetting process to create lance tip adapter used in high horsepower engines. READ
Technology Review
Stratasys H350 3D Printer Delivers Production-Grade End-Use Parts
The Stratasys H350 3D printer is powered by Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) technology to deliver production-level throughput for end-use parts. READ
Technology Review
ZVerse Launches "2D-to-3D" Automated Conversion for Part Production
Automation-assisted conversion generates usable 3D digital assets from legacy 2D manufacturing plans for service and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) part production READ
Managing Global Additive Manufacturing Strategies with Fusion 360 and Ultimaker
June 29, 2:00 PM
Autodesk and Ultimaker have partnered to deliver a connected experience to manage your digital libraries and 3D printers. REGISTER
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