3D Printed Scapula Customized for Patient: The Cool Parts Show #25
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The Cool Parts Show
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Medical & Dental
3D Printed Scapula Customized for Patient: The Cool Parts Show #25
A patient treated for a tumor of the shoulder blade was able to preserve full use of the arm thanks to an implant tailored to the precise form of the original scapula and made through electron beam melting.
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preceramic SiOC being extruded into a thixotropic bath
Is a Gel Bath the Key to Scalable, Affordable 3D Printed Ceramics?
3D printed polymer-derived ceramics (PDCs) could find wider application through a process developed at the University of Texas at Dallas that extrudes preceramic material in a self-healing bath for support through printing and curing.
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AI PrintSyst engine
PrintSyst Automates AM Decision Making with AI (Includes Video)
The startup’s cloud-based artificial intelligence tool is designed to help companies adopting additive manufacturing make fast, easy decisions about what and how to 3D print.
Call for Speakers Now Open for Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo 2021
Abstracts from potential speakers for the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Conference are now being accepted on subjects relating to applications and advances in additive production.
Technology Review
Stratasys’ Carbon Fiber Material is Stronger, Stiffer ABS
Strong, lightweight, ABS-based material is specifically formulated for applications such as manufacturing tooling, jigs and fixtures. READ
ExOne Developing Portable 3D Printing Factory for Defense Department
Company awarded contract to create a special military-edition 3D printer capable of binder jet 3D printing more than 20 metal, ceramic and other powder materials into direct final products or tooling. READ
Xact Metal Partners with GoEngineer for Sales, Service Support
GoEngineer to provide sales and service for Xact Metal to customers in western United States. READ
Technology Review
Xuron Hand Tools Cut Filament Flat, Remove Supports
Ergonomic hand tools for fused filament fabrication-style 3D printers include micro-shear to cut filament for feeding and pliers for removing postprinting supports. READ
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