3D Printed Air Duct Based on Fluid Dynamics: The Cool Parts Show #26
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The Cool Parts Show
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fluid dynamics simulation of the mighty duct
3D Printed Air Duct Based on Fluid Dynamics: The Cool Parts Show #26
Air ducts are ubiquitous, but are they all as efficient as they need to be? Computational fluid dynamics informed the redesign of this 3D printed air duct — made to serve a 3D printer.
Grundfos GE Additive Additive Manufacturing
Webinar: Pioneering New Water Solutions with AM
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Grundfos, a global water-technology company has been refining additive manufacturing over the last decade. Hear how they are developing the future water solutions for the benefit of the world.
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Verisurf portable inspection solution
Inspection & Reverse Engineering Solution
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Regardless of manufacturing process - 3D printing, CNC machining, Diecasting, Injection Molding - Verisurf software supports the design build process and verifies the finished part.
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Mohawk Innovative Technologies
3D Printing the (Previously) Impossible Part
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3D printing this superalloy compressor housing enabled new design flexibility and slashed production time and cost compared to conventional manufacturing methods. Here’s how Mohawk Innovative Technology did it for the DOE.
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For Stratasys, Acquisition of Origin Part of Strategy Focused on Production and Polymer Materials
For Stratasys, Acquisition of Origin Part of Strategy Focused on Production and Polymer Materials
Americas president Rich Garrity describes how the two additive manufacturing technology companies came together (COVID-19 helped), along with the value of protecting one culture while allowing another to change.
AMUG 2021
2021 AMUG Conference May 2-6 Orlando, Florida
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AMUG has rescheduled and moved its annual in-person 2021 conference to May 2-6 ,at the Hilton Orlando in Orlando, Florida
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Watch Exclusive IMTS Content Now
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Access exclusive content featuring new products, processes, and solutions from IMTS exhibitors and industry experts. Find the answers you’ve been searching for on IMTS spark.
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PMTS 2021
Register Now for PMTS!
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Reconnect with the precision machining community, and explore new technologies, network with your peers and experts, and take advantage of free education on the showfloor.
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Save the NEW Date!
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NASF's SUR/FIN has moved to November! SUR/FIN is sure to be the finishing event to bring everyone back together!
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Beginning Your AM Journey: One Part to Begin the Path
Beginning Your AM Journey: One Part to Begin the Path
Identifying the right part to begin your AM path can demonstrate and validate the AM workflow, provide a benchmark for future work and more.
Technology Review
BMF, Materialise Partner on 3D Printing File Editing Software
Magics Print for BMF gives customers a smooth workflow to easily interface between 3D file generation and the microArch line of micro-precision 3D printers. READ
Cool Parts Show
Season 4 Has Started!
From outer space to inside the human body, The Cool Parts Show season 4 is exploring everywhere that 3D printing is improving production.
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Eight Organizations Join AMGTA
The AMGTA is a global trade organization created to promote the environmental benefits of additive manufacturing. READ
Additive Manufacturing
Stay Informed
Whether you’re on site or working from home, Additive Manufacturing is wherever you are.
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Technology Review
Solukon Upgrades Automated Powder Removal Units for Large Parts
Systems are now reinforced to handle larger parts and feature a joystick to improve and individualize controlling, and an optional impactor system for breaking up clogged powder bulks.   READ
Bell Textron, Ingersoll Machine Tools Produce 3D Printed Rotor Blade Trim Tool
Collaborative effort successfully manufactured a 22-foot-long vacuum trim tool for production of main rotor blade components. READ
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