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BMW Embraces Cloudy Future with AWS Partnership

BMW Embraces Cloudy Future with AWS Partnership

BMW Group is going big on big data.

Under a comprehensive partnership with Amazon Web Services, BMW is developing cloud-based IT and software systems that will be applied across the carmaker’s development, engineering, manufacturing, sales, management, service and supply chain operations.

The goal of the program, according to the partners, is to enhance innovation by placing data and analytics at the center of BMW’s decision-making process to boost efficiency, performance and sustainability.

Big Picture

“We are making data central to the way we work,” asserts BMW CIO Alexander Buresch.

This includes migrating data from various business units in more than 100 countries to AWS. BMW says the initiative will encompass a number of core IT systems and databases ...READ MORE

LMC Automotive
Supplier Claims Quantum Leap in Solid-State Batteries

Solid state batteries long have been viewed as the potential holy grail to put electric vehicles on even footing with ICE-powered models.

The technology promises to cut costs, while boosting driving range, reducing charging times and improving safety. But developers have struggled to balance the tradeoffs between the parameters and optimize overall performance.

Not anymore. QuantumScape, a 10-year-old startup backed by Volkswagen Group, claims it has resolved the technical challenges—and has the test results to prove it. 

Solid Results

The Silicon Valley-based company says its design has nearly double the energy density (1,000 Watt-hours per liter) of leading lithium-ion cells, while demonstrating improvements in charge time, cycle life, safety and operating temperature.

Mayflower Consulting
Apple Names New Chief for Robo-Car Project

Apple reportedly has named its artificial intelligence guru to head the secretive Project Titan to develop a control system for self-driving vehicles.

John Giannandrea takes over the job from Bob Mansfield, Apple’s head of hardware engineering, who has retired, sources tell Bloomberg News. Apple declined to comment.

Day-to-day activities for the Titan program will continue to be managed by Doug Field. He led Apple’s Mac hardware development before joining Tesla as head of vehicle programs. He returned to Apple two years ago to join the Titan program.

Where Is Apple Going?

Observers have speculated over Apple’s automotive intentions since the company formed a team in 2015 under the code name Titan, reportedly with plans to develop an electric car.

A year later, ...READ MORE

Tesla Plans Another $5 Billion in New Stock Sales

Tesla says it expects to raise as much as $5 billion by issuing new shares from time to time.

The carmaker’s stock price, which began the year at $86 per share, currently is trading at more than $620. Tesla has lined up 10 banks to help it sell new shares in the open market to capitalize on the wave.

Third Sale

This is Tesla’s third “at-the-market” offering—meaning shares sold over time at prevailing rates—in 10 months. It follows a similar $5 billion sale in early September, launched just after the company conducted a five-for-one stock split at the end of August.

Tesla also sold $2.3 billion in new shares in February.

Analysts figure the latest stock sale could elevate Tesla’s cash balance to a hefty $20 billion from $14.5 billion two ...READ MORE

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