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Nvida Wins CPU Arms Race with $40 Billion Acquisition

Nvida Wins CPU Arms Race with $40 Billion Acquisition

As acquisitions go, this one is a doozy.

California-based graphic processor specialist Nvidia has agreed to purchase software giant Arm from Japan’s SoftBank for about $40 billion.

The blockbuster deal will team Nvidia’s AI computing platform with Arm’s high-volume processing units. Combined applications will support everything from smartphones, robots and supercomputers to video games and self-driving cars.

Big Deal

The $40 billion deal, which is  expected to be completed within 18 months, includes:

  • $12 billion in cash
  • $21.5 billion in Nvidia common stock
  • $1.5 billion in equity to Arm employees

SoftBank, which acquired Arm for $32 billion in 2016,  may receive as much as another $5 billion in cash or common stock based on an earnings formulation. ...READ MORE

Mahle, Inc.
Report: U.S. Auto Companies Ponder Cutbacks in China

Many American carmakers and suppliers are planning layoffs and operational cuts in China in spite of rebounding sales there.

Why? It’s all about the continuing trade tensions between China and the U.S., according to the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Battle Fatigue

ACCS says American companies are weary of the strain after more than two years of punitive tariffs and are increasingly skeptical about a resolution anytime soon.

“It is having an impact on business performance here,” President Ker Gibbins tells reporters in Shanghai. The stress, he adds, “is leading to difficulty in retaining staff.”

ACCS’s survey finds that two in five respondents from the auto sector in China say their companies plan to reduce staff there, The Nikkei ...READ MORE

Home Is Where the EV Charges

As it continues to expand its network of public charging stations across the U.S., Volkswagen’s Electrify America (EA) unit is increasingly targeting another electric vehicle battery outlet: home charging.

The reason? About 80% of owners rely on their own devices (at home charging) to replenish EV batteries.

Home Base

Hoping to cash in on the home market, EA is launching a separate busines unit—Electrify Home—to sell the Level 2 charger the company introduced last autumn.

The $450 unit, which had only been available through, now will be sold directly on EA’s web site. Customers also can find, book and pay for local installers— via Qmerit—and access 24-hour customer support through Electrify Home.

EA’s initial home charger is a ...READ MORE

Nissan Rounds Up $12.2 Billion to Buoy Turnaround

Reviving a struggling company as big as Nissan doesn’t come cheap.

This week the company underscored that truth by selling two groups of bonds in the Asian market worth a combined $10.4 billion. That’s more than twice what Nissan hoped to raise back in May as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated.

The deals come on top of a separate $660 million note sale conducted by Nissan within Japan three months ago, Bloomberg News points out. The carmaker also confirmed today it will float another €1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) bond offering in Europe.

Overdue Correction

All this fundraising was prompted by the company’s $4.5 billion operating loss—twice the red ink that analysts had expected—for the fiscal year ended March 31. Global sales in the period shrank 11% ...READ MORE

GMC Teases “Crab Mode” for Hummer EV

The latest teaser of GMC’s upcoming Hummer electric pickup has sparked a lot of speculation and excitement, even though no new images of the vehicle itself were revealed.

Rather than a silhouette or close-up of the truck, the teaser was just a logo. More specifically, the graphic is a drawing of a crab with “Hummer EV” dissecting its legs.

Several GMC employees tweeted the image along with the caption: "Real revolutionaries forge their own direction."

Crab Mode?

The logo follows a reference to a new feature for the Hummer pickup, dubbed “Crab Mode,” that GMC hinted at in July.

No other information has been provided. But, naturally, that hasn’t stopped auto journalists and social media pundits to offer their opinions.

The consensus ...READ MORE

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